Dance Studio Saffron

Dance Studio Saffron

Tanssistudio Sahrami (Dance Studio Saffron) was founded in 1997 by Sirke Seppänen.

The studio is located in a historical silk factory milieu right in the heart of Tikkurila, Vantaa. Nowadays there lives a colourful community of small enterprises like artisans, craftsmen, musicians, kindergarten and Theatre Vantaa. Dance studio fits right into this cultural neighbourhood.


The vision of Sahrami is not just to serve the mind and body but to educate people about different cultures.

Sahrami offers dance lessons from different parts of the world to people of all ages. Oriental dance, bollywood dance and salsa bring us music and dance traditions from East and Latin America.

Street dance and discomix represents the sentiments of the Western world. The balance of body and mind are served by ashtanga yoga, Pilates and Method Putkisto -stretching system.

The teachers are devoted to their subject and eager to share the basics as well as the latest trends with the students.

Shows and performances

Sahrami is also active in producing dance shows and performances.

These productions vary from the full length theatre productions to shorther and more tailored programs for different events like company parties, birthdays or family parties.

Hiring studio

Studio can also be hired for own activities. You will get a spacious and pleasant space in an easily accessible location near all services.

Welcome to dance, exercise – and enjoy!

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